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Sheet Metal Slitting Line

1. By means of Programmable Logic Controller(PLC),system performance is based upon the characteristics of various Metal sheets, and switches High/Low speed operating mode automatically, so as to achieve improved efficiency and reduced maintenance probability.

2. For lower malfunctioning,the material uncoiler uses an expand/shink hydraulic cylinder that is mounted on an integrated steel frame.

3. The uncoiler is equipped with a high efficiency disc type brake,its tension is adjusted by the air-pressure loop. Under this circumstance, the time for tension adjustment is reduced,also ,the forced monetary braking is occurred thus free from loosen of coil.

4. The pre-loader is equipped with DC various-speed motor drive, so that a synchronized speed cooperate to the production line could be governed.

5. Slitting Knives are mounted on an integrated frame with a separated transmission, that means enhanced rigidity structure of machine, lower vibration amplitude of Knives, and excellent yields could be produced.

6. The datum plane and accuracy of Slitting Knives' axes are all to be fabricated with in 0.006mm. in tolerance, so that makes higher duration of Slitting Knives and much excellent accuracy of outputs of the Slitting Line.

7. For securing the stability of Slitting Line during operation, the tension controlled roll-up device with slip-differential structure is designed for the waster.

8. The vertical of tension pad uses high elastics and resistive woolen pads as surface materials, so keep the outputs of the line smoother. In addition,it also equipped a pressure-balance device to keep an even-pressure over the both sides of materials that touched with the tension pad.

9. The recoiler is equipped with an improved/ high rigid holder, that causes reduce of lead time. An air-pressure adjustable back-pressure device is equipped on the separator mechanism, so that a constant hold-pressure could be reached for recoil.

10. Self-tension design enables to retain a better tightness during recoil. Automatic Steel Sheet Slitting Machine